Is the company SandwYch virtuous? I don’t think so although you decide.

I believe how a company treats their employees and people working with them says a lot about how they treat their clients.

I’ve been in the IT industry for 20 years so I will say, I should have known better! I met one of the members ( Amy ) of SandwYch a couple years ago on a freelancer website. I’ve done a few projects for her and have always had a great experience so when SandwYch came to me with a proposal and Amy was involved, I was quite excited! It all started off with doing some research for the company and for a few months it was just that. They came to me with nothing. A collection of words, and a cluster of thoughts and it was far from anything tangible. I helped them organize their idea and suggested building a comprehensive outline for a startup business proposal. I suggested using a standard template and filling in all the blanks to start with. All of this wasn’t in my job description by any means, in fact, I didn’t even work for SandwYch at the time. I did it simply because I liked the person I was working with.

A few months go by and I hear back about this project. They put together an outline! That’s cool! Something I suggested came to be and it was looking pretty good. I pointed a few more things out and after a couple more months of work on the outline that mostly consisted of building a proper proposal they finally got back to me with a project proposal.

After reviewing the proposal we over viewed a few different sets of approaches and technologies that would best fit this project and soon enough we agreed on something and started developing. We agreed on 3 revisions, the outline was very clear and I completed the project in under a month. This is where things started getting tricky. The company wasn’t ready. The people in the company weren’t organized and couldn’t agree on things. Those 3 revisions very quickly turned into 20 and because I liked Amy, she was involved, and I’ve worked with her before, I continued being patient and accommodating. This dragged on for 3+ months and some time along the way I started mentioning that the situation is becoming very unfair and they need to consider paying me an hourly wage because their lack of organization is not my fault. When I mentioned this the atmosphere got very nasty very quickly! I believe because of THEIR lack of organization they were shifting the blame on me as a scapegoat but by then, it’s been so many months and so many revisions that I wasn’t having it and honestly I should have actually done something about it earlier.

Once I felt the nasty vibes I realized that things could get bad for everyone really quickly so I suggested 1 more revision ( which turned into 3 ) and that I need to move on. After a lot of huffing and puffing – not on my end, I knew what needed to be done – we finally agreed on the final deliverables which I delivered and the project was complete. Or so I thought. I even, free of charge, transferred the project over to hosting of their choosing.

Long story short, a couple months go by and Amy, the person that I worked with before on DIFFERENT projects ( different companies ) that had nothing to do with SandwYch ended up leaving me a negative review on the freelancer website on projects that again had nothing to do with SandwYch – the projects that I’ve done on the freelancer site for her, she was always super happy with my work. This move was so unethical and conniving that it shook me to the core and I decided to write this article.

Ethics are so important in this business and generally speaking in any business. I mean they’re the corner stone between good and evil, in a sense… in a world of free thought, progression, and capitalism, how else do we define the fine lines of business interaction? Truly, this power is in our hands and it is our sense of responsibility that will make a difference.

I know in my previous articles I’ve posted screenshots and proof. I do have all the correspondence to back this article up but it’s ugly business and I at least for now I rather take the high road.

Food for thought

I’ve been a part of many projects that have under evaluated the scope of the project and often the developers get the blame for it, I’m guessing, because, often people don’t fully understand what it is we do. Keep in mind that we’re on your side! We want you to succeed! Projecting the costs of a project is not a developers job. We can have a good idea about timelines and deadlines but our scope doesn’t extend to a project owners/leads/managers inconsistencies. This is not a new topic but I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention. Jokingly I even thought about a developers union and how it would all look hahaha!

Anyways, I hope everyone involved has learned a little something from this and we can all move on in peace.

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