PayPal doesn’t give a damn about us!

I’m not the richest person in the world but I have some money so I’ve been trying to help some Ukrainian refugees.

I found a person on Facebook who needed help for food and travel to get out of the country such so I offered to help.

I sent that person money through PayPal. I wanted to keep track of the situation to make sure they’re okay but then a few hours later the person blocked me on all social media and chat apps so I realized I just got scammed.

I wrote PayPal about the situation describing everything and then a few days later they gave me this started bullshit 1 click written response.

It’s a fucking disgrace how these giant companies treat us and something needs to be done about it! I couldn’t believe the response and I’m quite sure if Elon Musk actually read this interaction he would fire half of these dumb careless cunts!

We need to start holding these companies liable for these types of actions!!!

If you need to contact me find me on Instagram @artsoulbrother